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1. Tips
1.1 Study Banks agrees to provide internet service in accordance with the rules in this agreement and other occationally published operational rules. To obtain service, users must comply with all the terms within this agreement and finish registration following instructions. Users should click on 'Agree' to show that all the terms are agreed upon and accepted.
1.2 After user\'s successful registration, Study Banks will provide each user with an account and a password, which are preserved by the user him/herself; the user bears full legal reponsibility to the activities performed with this account.
1.3 After successful registration, Study Banks has the right to perform non-commercial researches and analysis on the users\' operations during interacting activities, including posting comments and statements, uploading resources and asking questions, etc.

2. Service Contents
2.1 The contents of internet service provided by Study Banks are determined by actual conditions of Study Banks, including browsing course resources, posting comments and statements, uploading resources and asking questions.
2.2 Part of the internet services provided by Study Banks are charged. Therefore users of these charged services must pay the required fees online. Users will be informed clearly and will only be charged for the service if the they agree; if users refuse to pay, Study Banks will not be obligated to provide the service.
2.3 User understands that Study Banks will only be responsible for providing internet services. All the devices related to internet services such as personal computers, telephones and other connecting devices as well the related costs should be paid for by the user him/herself.

3. Modification, interruption or termination of service
3.1 In view of the special features of internet service, the user allows Study Banks to modify, interrupt or terminate part or all the internet services at any time(including charged internet services and free ones. If free services are modified, interrupted or terminated, Study Banks doesn\'t need to inform the user, nor should it take any responsibility for any user or third party; if charged services are modified, interrupted or terminated, Study Banks needs to inform the user in advance and compensate with equal-valued charged internet services as substitution; if the user refuses to accept the substitute service, Study Banks should return service fees paid by the user after deducting the fee of the services already consumed by the user.
3.2 User understands that Study Banks will regularly or randomly check and repair online service platform or related devices, and Study Banks doesn\'t need to take responsibility for the reasonable termination of charged internet service during the check/repair. But Study Banks will try its best to notify the user in advance.
3.3 If any of the following conditions happened, Study Banks has the right to terminate or stop the online service in the agreement [including but not limited to charged or free service (including free online service based on ad model)], and bare no responsibility to the user or any third party.
3.3.1 User provides fake personal information.
3.3.2 User violates the rules in the agreement.
3.3.3 User doesn\'t provide service fees accordingly to Study Banks when using charged online service.
3.4 If the registered user didn\'t use any service in 90 consecutive days, or if the user doesn\'t use charged services within 180 consecutive days, then Study Banks has the right to delete the account and stop providing online services for the user.
3.5 If the user\'s registered account or nickname violates laws and regulations or the country\'s policy, or infringes a third party\'s legal rights, then Study Banks has the right to reclaim the account and nickname.

4. User Regulations
4.1 User must provide Study Banks with accurate personal information when applying for online service. And if the personal information changes, it must be updated accordingly. Study Banks will implement 'Real Name Registration Rule for Internet' established by the government, and provide differentiated services for registered and unregistered users.
4.2 User shouldn\'t transfer or lend its account and password to others. Users should immediately informn Study Banks once they found that its account is being illegally used. If the account and passwords were illegally used due to hacking or users\' carelessness, Study Banks shall take no responsibility.
4.3 User agrees that Study Banks has the right to put forward various commercial advertisements or any other commercial information (including but not limited to any pages on Study Banks), also,the user aggrees to accept related commercial information sent to the user via emails or other approaches.
4.4 For any of the contents (including but not limited to course comments and study community) uploaded by the user to the public sharing area, the user agrees that Study Banks enjoys free, permanent, inrreversible, inclusive rights and total permission to spread the information around the world. Study Banks can apply, duplicate, modify, adapt, publish, translate the information and develop derivative works (in whole or in part). Study Banks can also apply the content into its later works, media or technology.
4.5 User must apply the following rules while using Study Banks\' online service
4.5.1 Abide by Chinese laws and regulations.
4.5.2 Abide by all the agreement, rules and protocols related to internet service.
4.5.3 Use the internet service system for legal purposes.
4.5.4 No infringement of the commercial benefits of Study Banks, including but not limited to issuing any kind of commercials without authorization.
4.5.5 It is forbidden to use Study Banks to attack the internet or perform any activities that might disturb the Internet.
4.5.6 It is forbidden to use online service of Study Banks to upload, present, or spread any fake, harassing, hurtful, cursing, intimidating, vulgar,obscene information or any other illegal information.
4.5.7 No infringement of any third party\'s patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, reputation rights or other legal rights.
4.5.8 No permission to make use of online service system to harm Study Banks.
4.6 Study Banks has the right to supervise and oversee users while they use the service [including but not limited to charged and free services(including free internet service based on commercial mode)]; if users violate any of the above regulations, Study Banks or autorized personnel has the right to require the users to change directly and take necessary actions(including but not limited to changing or deleting the contents posted by the user, terminate or abolish the users\' right to use online service) so as to reduce the negative influence brought by the user.
4.7 The statements, information and warnings issued by Study Banks with various approaches to certain users are included in the agreement, if users use the internet service, then they agree with these contents by default.

5. Community Regulations of Study Banks
5.1 Users should use real personal information when registering in Study Banks\' study community and in producing, issuing,and spreading information.
5.2 If the user violates term 5.1, then Study Banks has the right to terminate the user\'s account at any time and bears no responsibility according to related laws, regulations and national policies.
5.3 Study Banks will establish information security regulatory rules and implement technical security measures. Study Banks will protect users\' private information.

6. Intellectual Property Right
6.1 All the open online courses of Chinese universities and shared resources including any texts, pictures, figures, audios, and/or videos are all protected by copyright, trademark and/or other property ownership laws. And if not authorized, the above materials cannot be issued, dispalyed, modified or re-published or be used for other commercial purposes. All the materials can only be stored in a personal computer for personal or non-commercial purposes. Study Banks will not be responsible to the users or third party for the delay, errors, omissions during the transfer of these materials.
6.2 All the software used in the process of providing service (including but not limited to any images, photos, animations, videos, music, texts and affiliated softwares), all the copyrights of the software belong to the inventor, and unless authorized by the software copyright owner, users are forbidden to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble.

7. Protection of Privacy
7.1 Protection of privacy has been a basic policy at Study Banks, and we gurantee to you that we will not provide your information to a third party, unless:
7.1.1 Acquired the users\' authoraization.
7.1.2 According to laws and regulations.
7.1.3 According to the demands of related supervising department.
7.1.4 For protection of public interests.
7.1.5 For protection of legal rights of Study Banks.
7.2 Study Banks might cooperate with other party to provide online services for the users. In this case, if the third party agrees to take equal responsibility of protecting the users\' privacy, then Study Banks has the right to hand over users\' information to the third party.
7.3 On the basis of protecting users\' personal information, Study Banks has the right to analyze the whole users\' database and use it for commercial purposes.

8. Disclaimer
8.1 User agrees to take all the risks and outcomes of using the online services provided by Study Banks, and Study Banks shall bear no responsibility.
8.2 Study Banks makes no promises in satisfying the users\' need, and makes no promises that the internet wil not terminate, nor will we promise its promptness, security or accuracy.
8.3 Study Banks makes no promises in the accuracy and completeness of the external links, and it will not be respnosible for the contents on the pages that are not controlled by Study Banks.
8.4 Study Banks will not be responsible for termination of the internet caused by irresistable forces or reasons that Study Banks cannot control. But Study Banks will try its best to reduce its influence on the users.
8.5 Users agree that Study Banks is not responsible for the defeciencies or losses caused by the following products or services
8.5.1 Free services provided to the user by Study Banks;
8.5.2 Any product or service presented as gifts to the user;
8.5.3 Products or services provided to users as gifts along with charged services.

9. Compensation for Violation
9.1 If Study Banks causes loss to users due to violation of laws, regulations or any terms within this agreement, Study Banks agrees to take responsibilty and pay for the damage.
9.2 Users agree to guarantee and protect rights of Study Banksand other users, and if the user violates laws, regulations or any terms in the agreement, the user is willing to take the responsibility.

10. Modification of Agreement
10.1 Study Banks has the right to change the terms within the agreement. Once the agreement is changed, Study Banks will directly publish the modified agreement.
10.2 If the user doesn\'t agree with the modifications, he/she has the right to terminate service. If the user wants to continue service, then the user agrees with the modifications by default.

11. Notices Sent
11.1 Notices can be sent by notice on the online page, email, text messages or regular mails. Once the notice is sent, it is viewed as received by default.
11.2 Users should send their notices to the official information issued by Study Banks, such as address, fax number, email.

12. Law Enforcement
12.1 The agreement is adaptable to all the laws and regulations in China, and is under the supervision of Chinese courts.
12.2 If there are disputes among the two parties, it is preferred to solve the conflicts with negotiations; but when negotiation failed, any party can file a lawsuit to the court in the area that Study Banks belongs to.

13. Other Regulations
13.1 The agreement establishes all the terms agreed by the two parties, and apart from this, no other rights are granted to either party.
13.2 The effectiveness of the terms are not affected if some of the other terms are not implemented.
13.3 The titles in the agreement are merely set up for the sake of convenience, and should be ignored while explaining this agreement.