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Our Vision

The start of education goes back as early as the dawn of human civilization, and educational methods and instruments have gone through major changes throughout thousands years of evolvement, from inscriptions on bones to writing on sheepskin, from movable-type printing to internet. The development of technology has always pushed forward the innovation of education. But the nature of education has never changed: to effectively deliver information; also, education focuses on cultivating faithful and decent individuals with critical thinking ability and spiritual pursuit. And every human being is born with the right to receive education.

Our Story

Study Banks (Beijing) International Data Technology Co.,Ltd has dedicated itself to online education for years. And we hold on to the belief of 'understand the internet, understand education'. Years of innovation and exploration allow us to put forward the groundbreaking COOC (Credit Online Open Courses) studying mode, which serves as an equal and free mutual recognition of credits online studying platform. We are determined to provide ambitious young people with better learning opportunities, enable them to go overseas to expand their horrizons and become the disguished people that they want to be.

Credit Banks

We are building a 'Knowledge Bank' that leads to the future.

You can transform your hidden talents to recognized credits.

Registering in Study Banks, you can restore your learning achivements whether in online,offline or mixed mode.